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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend International Conference on Pollution Control & Sustainable Environment Dubai, UAE.

Day 2 :

OMICS International Pollution Control 2016 International Conference Keynote Speaker Baghdad Ouddane photo

Baghdad OUDDANE has obtained a PhD in Environmental Chemistry in 1990 and a HDR (Higher Degree by Research) in 1997 at Lille 1 University. Lecturer (1992-2003) and Full Professor at Lille1 University since 2003. He is the Head of the Master "Water Treatment" in Lille1 University. He has published more than 110 papers in reputed Environmental Journals and more than 120 communications in national and international conferences and co-authors of four books (two popular science), he is a referee in several international journals in the field of environment.


Mercury is a specific and ubiquitous element in the environment, it’s considered as a global pollutant because of its long-range atmospheric transport and its complex biogeochemical cycle. Mercury is among the most hazardous environmental pollutants, given by its organic form, methylmercury (MeHg or CH3Hg). This form is the most toxic species of mercury, because of its bio-accumulative character in living organisms throughout the food web. In natural waters, mercury species are present at very low concentrations. For this reason, most analytical techniques do not achieve accurate direct measurement of Hg or MeHg, which necessitates preconcentration to meet their limit of detection. Part of this work includes some analytical development methods and also includes a field study on the distribution and biogeochemical behavior of mercury in Rivers of the Deûle and Lys (Northern France). The results have showed high concentrations of total mercury (HgT) in the Deûle contaminated by a former smelter "Metaleurop". The concentrations of HgT measured in the Lys are much lower. Although the Deûle sediments are highly burdened with HgT as compared to the Lys sediments, much higher percentage of methylmercury is found in Lys River. Suspended particles are the major Hg carrier phase and transporters of Hg pollution from the Deûle to the Lys River. Despite the fact that the former Metaleurop smelter is closed for almost a decade, mercury levels are still high in the Deûle, creating an Hg hotspot for mercury pollution to surrounding environments carrying Hg hundred kilometers downstream the river reaching the Northsea.

Keynote Forum

Wafik Noseir

Egyptian Modern Center, Egypt

Keynote: Rainbow & pollution

Time : 10:00 - 10:30

OMICS International Pollution Control 2016 International Conference Keynote Speaker Wafik Noseir photo

Wafik Noseir is an Environmental Engineering Consultant. He has been working in teaching industry since 1983, and has many papers in the sustainable development. He worked at Solar Energy Corporation "Honeywell", and as Petroleum Sector Planning & Follow-up Manager in 3 main companies. He worked at international companies such as “Arthur Anderson” consultant, Coca-Cola as a Projects & Environmental Manager, National Project of Egypt "Toshka" as Project Manager. He participated in many International Conferences especially the World Congress for the Environment at Washington DC, California, Portland Origin, Florida, France, Turkey, UK and Denmark, and OMICS Green Energy at Florida USA. He is a Founder & Owner of Egyptian Modern Center which is a firm for contracting & consultations, trying to find its way in a polluted environment all over the Earth.


Having the white light that comes from our sun, which Isaac Newton has firstly split to 7 colors using spectrum at lab or by the natural humidity on the air to show us the 7 colors of the rainbow; gives us the feeling that things are split on our planet to be natural and when combined or in other words polluted by humans in reality; makes a different color that is black, which is the color that reflects death, oil, coal, and in general pollution. rnrnNegotiations: Pollution is unwanted, harmful stuff contaminating an environment. The race to develop clean energy is motivated by high levels of pollution that people fear are permanently damaging the earth's environment. When you hear about pollution, you’re most likely hearing about chemical emissions into air or water that come from industrial processing. But pollution isn’t just environmental. Anything we think of as pure can be contaminated by pollution & polluted, whether that's a lake or an idea. If a mother finds her son reading trashy magazines instead of doing his homework, she might worry about the pollution in her son's mind. Combining the 3 fundamental fields that consist of sustainable development theory: Environment & Economic & Community or in other words, Industrialization & Globalization & Population Growth will come out of a process where the input & output, of our life on the only planet that we can live on so far can be defined & obtained with NO or at least minimum pollution. rn